Increased market disruption and competition, volatile economic trends and technology have created a climate in which no business can afford to stand still. Surviving and thriving in today’s environment demands businesses reinvent how they market, deliver and innovate services with automation and A.I. driven capabilities. The cost savings and speed of delivery IT provides the potential for substantial competitive advantage, provided there is a shared commitment to improving clarity, focus, and accountability.

We are Change Architects who partner with leaders and their trusted advisors to master reinvention by designing “smarter” strategy​, better structured for sustainable growth and profitability.

Our speciality is in helping middle market people-driven companies and partners in professional service firms design, integrate and operationalize how to manage complex deployments better to increase agility, speed productivity, improve profitability and innovate customer service.

Does your strategy include any of the following?

  • Enterprise Automation
  • New Service or Product Offerings
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Merger, Acquisition or Divestiture

The right leadership, business or technology architecture to facilitate new ways of working is essential to competing in the digital age. The company’s value chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Crucial to establishing the right context for innovation, collaboration, and agility is ensuring the organizational structure provides voice to the people closest to the work to participate in how change occurs.

The global talent crunch means employers will be faced with a tsunami of rising costs if they don’t make their workplace an open organization where employee have both autonomy, decision-making power and a voice in how they contribute. Aligning work processes, information flow, policies, decision rights to ensure role integration with strategic priorities drives performance improvement and dependability.

Our program provides an end-to-end practice that integrates alignment:

  • Your strategic vision with your market
  • Your market with your most profitable business
  • Your business architecture with your IT architecture
  • Your organization with your architecture
  • Your employees needs with your organization’s goals
  • Your trusted advisors and vendors objectives with your organization’s process


Technology can ignite innovation and speed only if the blueprint is designed to be understood, flexible and fully functional. Before we focus on increasing our clients’ velocity, we ensure your trajectory is on the right path by clarifying the targets where optimal profitability lies and what you’re core strength in the marketplace is.

We combine customer-centric strategy with best-in-class solutions for business and technology architectural design to align the whole system for full transparency, agility, and performance sustainability.


Getting fit for the future demands new capabilities  Our program frames changes as a continual practice of iterative learning, integration, and alignment.  In reality, can we really “manage” change?  Storms occur whether we’re prepared or not.  Today’s environment demands leaders radically redefine their roles to orchestrate how decisions are made and work gets done.

We help your leaders co-create their roles in designing how your organization engineers change and prepares for it.  Then, we guide how your organization integrates with the ecosystem to evaluate, decide and prepare for change all along the way — Real time feedback and readiness training reduces resistance, unmet expectations, and risk.


The reinvention of how customer value is created and delivered with technology requires breaking the mold of many conventional “best practices.” Our role is quite different from traditional specialty consulting or coaching models. We provide the due diligence framework for ensuring our clients are ready for the journey, prepared to stay on course and have the tools to make the best decisions for themselves.  Acting as an intermediary and integrator, we’ve compiled multiple proven methodologies from multiple disciplines and created a network of world class partners.

With the capacity to make sense of how changes affect the entire system, leaders are better able to co-create the best platform to orchestrate the right actions, decisions, and behaviors and pivot when necessary.

Whether you’re just beginning or in the midst of complex changes, we can assist you and your team in simplifying how you make your reinvention and transformation journey smarter, better and faster.

Where to start?

Frankly, the best starting point is to begin where you are. Before embarking on any change initiative, we help you benchmark your existing capabilities, business performance, organizational performance, and financial performance. We can help you make sustainable improvements with the people you already have and the customers you already serve without substantial investment or risk.

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