Our approach begins at the top where small shifts can create major results.

CEO Coaching

360 Profit Masters is the coach behind successful CEOs that are ready to take their company to greater performance
heights. They are willing to go first to set the standard others will model.

Our approach begins at the top where small shifts can create major results. We bring CEOs an enhanced awareness of themselves, their teams and their organizations, strengthening their inherent leadership skills. Because only the fully-aware CEO can masterfully lead in our ever changing world.

Incorporating the most proven effective coaching model in the world, the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered
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The Leaders First Alignment Process

The Leaders First model is the result of more than 40 years of inthefield refinement of the traditional restructuring model by Gene Morton, created and tested to make a critical shift in the the way leaders collaborate and lead together.

It is the foundation for a sustainable process of continuous improvement and adaptation that brings improved clarity and focus to the organizational leadership structure, resulting in increased accountability and commitment.

As the leadership team becomes more skilled in the Leader’s First tools and disciplines, they are prepared to empower their employees to greater levels of accountability and commitment and adapt to fit the changing needs of the marketplace.

Our clients:

  • Make better, faster decisions in sync with the entire leadership team
  • Model collaboration and superior teamwork for the rest of the organization.
  • Focus on what matters most with clearer outcomes that lead to ideal results
  • Master how to give and receive productive feedback, making constant course correction a natural part of conversation.
  • Inspire others to access their practical wisdom and resourcefulness, unleashing the collective genius inherently available in every organization.

And on the way, they’re having more fun.


  • Do we have clarity regarding critical business outcomes that will lead us to our strategic vision?
  • Do my conversations elicit the right response?
  • Is the resultant behaviour emotionally engaged and enthusiastic?
  • Will it achieve the critical, agree-upon outcomes?


  • Have I enhanced my ability to master my leadership conversations?
  • Do my team members communicate effectively with each other, regarding their performance and commitments?
  • Are they communicating more effectively with me?


  • Does everyone trust the hierarchy to provide and stand by clear rewards and consequences?
  • Do leadership conversations create real time “in the moment” course corrections?


  • Do leaders trust each other to follow through on their commitments?