You have been instrumental in helping us accomplish our goals and implement our plans. The internal 360 degree leadership surveys have led to development plans for all of the key managers and the setting up of accountabilities. This has brought about a renewed sense of teamwork by both managers and staff. My managers refer to the accountabilities as the most important tool you taught them.

Bruce FergusonChairman, Large Regional Construction Company

One of the highest compliments I could give is that the solutions we discovered through our work with Gene are still in place. Our self-managed team of 26 people was on high center in terms of managing ourselves and our work. Gene taught us the design methods we needed to continue our team’s progression toward becoming a highly functional work group.

Judy ElliottProject Design Leader, Technology Education Center

He has a wealth of knowledge which we tap on a regular basis and he is able to relate quickly to any new situation by drawing on his own experiences and relating appropriate analogies. He is a person with a positive outlook and a realistic plan.

Ann StiversAdministrator, Dialysis Center – winner of national quality awards

Over ten years later we still refer to our (accountabilities). These are our anchors. We still tie them to performance evaluation. They have stood the test of time.

Jim Main, Ph.D.Head of University Services, State University

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Gene over the course of six years on various improvement projects within the largest, most complex long term nursing care facilities in the state of Nebraska. I highly recommend his services.

Rich TerrellAdministrator, Long Term Care Facilities

Gene came to us just as we were undergoing a drastic corporate restructuring: Including ownership, product line and personnel. During this period, Gene proved to be an invaluable aid in the management and organization of our change.

J. I. DickersonChairman, Financial Management Company

In my thirty years of hospital administration in the private sector, I have not had the opportunity to work with someone as effective as you have been in this project.

Bill ZinnCEO, Mental Health Centers

Your objectivity, support and personal care proved invaluable during a difficult time. Your ability to quickly grasp what our company does and how the various areas interact and are interrelated helped in the development process. We are now able to talk comfortably about such things as empathy, conflict, want and needs. Priorities are being set and goals established. Evaluation is constant and consistent. We all recognize that what we’ve achieved is an ongoing process, one that each of use is proud to be involved in.

Jolanda JungeVice President, Insurance Company